Community Collaborations

The following education performances are a product of the Hylton Performing Arts Center’s relationship with Prince William County Public Schools, Manassas City Public Schools, and Manassas Park City Schools. 

Each year, the Hylton Center works together with local school systems to design custom arts experiences for students.  Below are some of this season's collaborations. 


The Same Sky Project focuses on self-awareness and mental health wellness.

The Same Sky Project focuses on self-awareness and mental health wellness.
The Same Sky Project focuses on self-awareness and mental health wellness.

Beats, Bows, and Remixes featuring Christylez Bacon and Wytold
October 30, 2019 
Grade Level: Elementary (4th and 5th)

Join Christylez Bacon and Wytold as hip-hop and classical music collide with multi-cultural collaboration, transforming well-known songs into new compositions. Learn how these musicians work as a team, listening to each other’s different backgrounds and perspectives as they shape modern versions of all-time favorites, from Hot Cross Buns to Bruno Mars.  Create a team remix with Christylez and Wytold that twists and turns a familiar tune into a brand-new musical invention.  

A Place to Be’s Same Sky Project: Reach Out
November 13-14, 2019
Grade Level: Middle School

This inspiring assembly will be led by A Place To Be Youth Ambassador, Amy Stone,  A veteran performer and originator of the Same Sky Project, Amy returns to the stage with this new production about how to reach out beyond our differences.  Throughout her life, Amy has conquered many restrictions and obstacles which she was told would hold her back and in turn, developed a strong voice of advocacy for herself and others.  Amy will be joined onstage by other students with an array of challenges to share their messages of empathy and inclusion, and to inspire others to reach out.  

CANCELLED: “Behind the Scenes”
Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra and Jim Carroll
April 1, 2020
Grade Level: Middle/High School

This brand-new concert, featuring the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Charlie Parker, goes “behind the scenes” and breaks down musical elements into simple and understandable parts. J.S. Bach died in 1750, but was not recognized until almost a century later. Charles Christopher Parker (Bird) passed away in 1955.  If history repeats itself it will be the year 2045 before the court of public opinion recognizes Charlie Parker.

Educational topics covered include:

  • Multicultural vs. Transcultural
  • American History through the lens of our national music: Jazz
  • Chord voicing, voice leading, tonality, the blues, Dorian minor, improvisation, and swing

La Dama (In-school workshop)
Grade Level: High School

Students will participate in a drumming workshop that explores Afro-Indigenous rhythms of the Americas.  The workshop focuses on a choice of Cumbia Chalupa and Bullerengue from Colombia and Maracatu from Brazil.  Students first use body percussion to learn rhythms and songs, followed by application to drums, plus hand percussion.  

CANCELLED: Musical Theater Masterclass with Grammy-nominated Laura Osnes
March 30, 2020
Grade Level: Middle/High School

High School students will have the opportunity to observe and participate in a masterclass at the Hylton Center with Broadway’s Laura Osnes, who originated the role of Julia in Bandstand on Broadway.  She was also seen on Broadway in Grease, South Pacific, Anything Goes, Bonnie and Clyde, and Cinderella. Student participants will be chosen at a later date for this free class.