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Behind the Curtain: Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México de Silvia Lozano

February 27, 2020

Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México de Silvia Lozano

Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México de Silvia Lozano‘s U.S. tour is stopping at the Hylton Center (3/22) and we couldn’t be more excited! This vital cultural institution is directed by the acclaimed artist Silvia Lozano, an internationally recognized leader in the preservation and promotion of authentic Mexican folklore. Direct from Mexico, the ensemble shares its country’s rich cultural gifts of dance, music, folklore, and costumes.

We had the opportunity to speak with the group’s General Manager and daughter of Silvia Lozano, Esther C Lozano, about Lozano’s work.

How did you first hear about the company, and why did you join?

I’ve been here since I was born. I have the fortune that my mother is Silvia Lozano, it is a family business, I like to work and to belong to this amazing company.

How has Silvia Lozano’s work impacted you?

I love what she does. She is a very good choreographer, a very good dancer, and a very nice boss.  I admire her as an artist and as the person who raised me. I love her!

What are your favorite things about Mexican folklore and dance?

Everything, I admire our culture and our traditions. Concerning the dances, I like them very much because most of them have meanings, some are sacred dances, some are traditional dances, and some are popular dances.

2020 marks the company’s 60th anniversary of its artistic career. What are your thoughts regarding the success of the company thus far?

Over the years, Silvia Lozano and Ballet Folclórico Nacional de Mexico de Silvia Lozano, have had great success around the world, and this is due to the great authenticity of all the dances, costumes, and music that we have. Most of our costumes have been taken from the states of Mexico.

What can audiences look forward to on Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México de Silvia Lozano’s performance March 22 at the Hylton Center?

Audiences will enjoy a real Mexican folklore performance. They will want to come back and see it again because they will feel our joy as they’ll be transported to Mexico in that moment.

Experience for yourself the essence of Mexico in this dynamic display of artistry on March 21 at the Center for the Arts in Fairfax or March 22 at the Hylton Center in Manassas.

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