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Raise Your Glass

September 27, 2019

Hylton Cup

Did you know you can now enjoy a beverage from the comfort of your own seat during the performance? Purchase a Hylton Center reusable cup for $5, fill it with your favorite drink and enjoy the show.

Quick facts:

Where are the cups sold? 
Cups are sold at the Hylton Center Ticket Office and the concession area for $5. (The cost of the cup is in addition to the price of your drink.)

Can I bring a drink into the theater without a Hylton Center spill proof cup? 
No, only drinks in Hylton Center spill proof cups will be allowed. 

Can I bring in my own spill proof cup (my travel coffee mug, for example)? 
No, only the Hylton Center spill proof cup will be allowed into the theaters. 

Can I refill my Hylton Center cup? 
Yes, refills may be purchased at the concessions stand at regular prices. 

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