Hylton Center to Participate in Virginia Women Veterans Summit

Woman Veteran making quilt square.

On June 15, the Virginia Women Veterans Summit will gather in Richmond, bringing together hundreds of Veterans, employers, community leaders, and government agencies to raise awareness about the services and benefits offered for women Veterans. Attending the Women Veterans Summit is Dr. Niyati Dhokai, representing the Hylton Center’s Veterans and the Arts Initiative. As Program Director of the Initiative, Dr. Dhokai will participate in a session emphasizing the Initiative's impact on the Women Veterans in our community and encourage others to participate in community arts programs. 

After a recent workshop series specifically designed for Women Veterans, some women participants shared the personal impact it had on them. “I was pleasantly surprised at how cathartic this workshop was,” one participant said. “I felt very safe to be my real self with the other women in the workshop…I learned it’s OK to take up the space I need to be my full self with all my texture and color.”

Another participant shared: “It was great sharing space with other female Veterans. The camaraderie was immediate."

The Veterans and the Arts Initiative has served as an arts and community hub for 10,000 military-connected people since 2014, offering free, hands-on workshops; art exhibitions featuring Veterans’ artwork; concerts for Veterans, Servicemembers, and military family members (including military partners and kids).

Learn more about the Hylton Center’s Veterans and the Arts Initiative.