Director's Corner

Rick Davis, Dean and Executive Director.


“That’s the cure for what ails ya” is an old folk saying that can be applied to many situations, substances, and experiences – sometimes with a bit of exaggeration or wishful thinking with regard to a bottled nostrum of uncertain origin or an old family remedy, but always invoked with good intentions and hopes of recovery. 

What I’m about to prescribe, though, is sovereign for what ails a lot of us right now, which is a complex syndrome that includes cabin fever and screen fatigue and social deprivation and artistic malnutrition. You know the signs, so I won’t rehash the diagnosis here; I’ll get right to the cure.

Come see a show. Come hear a concert. Come look at some art. Come meet some old friends and make some new ones.

Every time I’ve attended a performance or exhibition recently (on duty or off) I’ve been struck by the palpable joy that I see and feel in the people around me – and in my own self too. If you haven’t had a chance or a reason to venture back to your favorite artistic haunts yet, you have a treat in store. And as this newsletter amply shows, you’ve got a lot of chances and reasons coming right up in the next couple of months here at the Hylton Center!

As you know, too, we are committed to your safety and comfort – and that of everyone who works or appears at the Hylton Center –  and we have the full assistance of George Mason University’s nationally-recognized Environmental Health and Safety team to make that commitment a reality. 

So come on out and enjoy the pleasantest prescription you’ve ever tasted – a dose of art, dance, music, theater, and fellowship with your community. I promise it’s the cure for what ails ya.

See you soon!

Dr. Rick Davis (not that kind of doctor, though!)
Dean and Executive Director