Hylton Performing Arts Center

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Exterior shot of the facility Map showing the Hylton Center's location

Parking at the Hylton

Where to Park:

Parking is available in the lot directly in front of the Hylton (shown at the right in green).

We have a drop off circle for the convenience of our patrons who would prefer not to walk, and a number of wheelchair accessible parking spaces in the primary parking area, providing close proximity to the facility's entrance.

Review our Accessibility page for more information about making your visit to the Hylton Center as accommodating as possible.

Bicycle parking is also available just to the right of the main entrance.

In the event the Primary Parking area is full, overflow parking can be found in the light red color in the adjacent image.


No parking is permitted along George Mason Circle or in the drop off circle unless directed by GMU police.

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