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Buchanan Partners Art Gallery

Submission Guidelines

Rolling Submission

Who Can Submit?
    The Gallery exhibits the work of artists who have lived or worked in our region. Submissions are
    selected by a panel and are chosen on the basis that the art supports the mission and follows
    the Galleryís policies and operations.
What Is The Selection Process?
    Submissions will be reviewed by a selected Buchanan Partners Art Gallery panel. This panel will be led by Gallery Coordinator, Jessica Kallista.
What Materials Should Be Sent?

    Please submit a CD, photographs or high quality laser printed sheets. Supplemental materials such as an artistís statement, an exhibition proposal, and a resumé are strongly recommended. Please make sure to specify the dimensions to be sure the work can be accommodated in the Gallery space. Artists will be notified by email regarding their proposal. If you wish to have your portfolio returned, please provide us with the proper packaging, address and postage.

    Read more about Artist Responsibilities.

    Please note: The artist is responsible for the delivery and retrieval of his/her work. They Hylton Center will store shipping and storage crates. 

    All art sales go directly to the artist. The artist is responsible for paying the gallery a 30% commission and is responsible for any sales tax. 

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