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Deferred Gifts

Perhaps you cannot afford to make a current major contribution. If this is the case, you might consider a deferred gift.

A bequest to the Hylton Performing Arts Center through your will can reduce taxes on your estate. The gift can be cash or specific personal or real property. It can consist of a share of the residual of your estate. It can be outright or in trust. It can be restricted or unrestricted.

A charitable remainder trust is a planned gift designed to benefit you now and provide funding for us in the future. Along with an immediate income tax charitable deduction, you recieve income for yourself-and perhaps one or more others as well-for life. After that, we are allowed to use the remaining funds for our important work.

Again, your gift can take several forms. With a unitrust or an annuity trust, you make an irrevocable transfer of money, securities or other property to a trust, naming the Hylton Performing Arts Center the beneficiary or one of several charitable beneficiaries. The trust is designed to pay you a life income, based on either a set dollar amount or a fixed percentage of the trust assets' market value, as revalued annually.

To receive a predictable dollar amount each year, regardless of any fluctuation in the trust investments, choose the annuity trust. If the trust has a long term and you're concerned about inflation eroding the value of the trust assets, the unitrust may be for you.

Naturally, you'd like the dollar or percentage amount to be as high as possible. This is negotiable within limits, but remember that under IRS rules, your charitable income tax deduction will be higher if you choose a lower payment.

Instead of giving us cash or securities to fund a trust, you might prefer to give us ultimate ownership of your home, retaining life use for yourself—a retained life estate. By deeding the property to us now, subject to your lifetime possession and that of a survivor, you recieve an immediate income tax charitable deduction.

A charitable gift annuity is another way to assure yourself lifetime payments from property you contribute. You make an irrevocable gift of money or securities to the Hylton Performing Arts Center and receive a fixed dollar amount annually, which is determined by your age at the time of the gift. (Charitable gift annuities are not available in some states or from some organizations.)


Eileen Kennedy, Director of Development

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