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September 2017

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Life for Relief and Development: Ameer Dandan Concert

  • September 29, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Hylton Performing Arts Center - Merchant Hall

Life for Relief and Development is hosting this charity concert featuring Arab Idol Superstar Ameer Dandan, along with Ahmed Fahmi and the professional Arab Debkah Troupe Turab Beladi. The charitable funds Life collects from the event will be used to provide MRI and X-Ray equipment for hospitals in the West Bank and Syria.

Presenter website: www.lifeusa.org


Center Orchestra: $120
Side Orchestra: $100
Rear Side Orchestra: $75
Parterre: $65
Center First Balcony: $50
Side First Balcony: $45
Center Second Balcony: $35
Side Second Balcony: $30

Free lap tickets for 24 months and under.

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