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Season Event

Vision Series #4 - David L. Weisburd: Hot Spots of Crime & Crime Prevention

  • February 8, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Merchant Hall

Each year in a typical city, only four percent of street segments are home to fifty percent of the crimes. About a third of all officially recorded juvenile crime in a city occurs within 86 street segments. Crime at place is relatively stable across time. Good neighborhoods have crime hot spots, and problematic areas have many streets mostly free of crime. Focusing crime prevention on specific places does not lead crime to simply “move around the corner.”  These are some of the empirical findings that have led Professor David Weisburd to focus on the concept of hot spots of crime. This lecture will focus on the implications for combatting crime in American communities. In particular, Weisburd will argue that place-based crime prevention is a good investment and that it is likely to lead to greater crime control with fewer people being processed by the criminal justice system.