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Season Event

Vienna Boys Choir: Christmas in Vienna

  • December 15, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Merchant Hall

There is little else that can so perfectly capture all of the enchantment and joy of the holidays as the glorious voices of these young fellows raised in magnificent harmonies. The Christmas concert of the Vienna Boys Choir brings the best of the season to Merchant Hall with everything from Gregorian chant to holiday favorites for the whole family to share and enjoy. “Theirs are the voices of Christmas, as pure as angels, as clear as the winter light.” (Charles Passy, Ovation) The choir has been synonymous with fine choral music for over 500 years and some of the greatest European composers, such as Mozart and Bruckner, have worked with the choir; Franz Schubert was himself a chorister. These outstanding young singers have enchanted audiences around the world with their purity of tone, unique charm, and crowd-pleasing repertoire. This is truly a special holiday occasion for the family.

Pre-Performance Discussion: Natalia Dudnik, Associate Professor, German, GMU (Dec 15, 2011) Pre-Performance Discussion

$48, $40, $32