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Season Event

Night Witches

Presented by Ground Rush Productions LLC

  • October 7, 2017 - October 8, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Gregory Family Theater

The second installment of the ongoing development of a new play. 

In the fall of 1941 after the Nazi Invasion of the Soviet Union, Marina Raskova, a Russian Amelia Earhart, formed three female aviation regiments to fight back.  Of the three, the 588th Night Bomber Regiment was the only unit to remain exclusively female throughout the war.  Made up of 112 girls ages 17-26, they flew for 3 ½ years using repurposed cropdusting planes to drop bombs on Nazi forces below.  Inspired from Anne Noggle’s book, A Dance with Death, Night Witches weaves together a story of sisterhood, courage, and endurance, amidst a world war.

Conceived by and features performances by:

Madeline Barr, Elizabeth Chahin, Josephine Cooper, Alida Rose Delaney, Alexis Ingram, Elena Kritter, and Maggie Ronck

Directed by: Kathleen Anne Hefferon

Night Witches is produced by Ground Rush Productions LLC.


Adults: $25

Students (must show ID): $18

Seniors 65+: $12

Military (also applies to pilots): $12

Groups 10+: $20

Not recommended for children under 12. Content includes sounds of war, verbal descriptions of battle, and stylized scenes of death.

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