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Sacred Feminine: Works by Asha Elana Casey and Naomi Christianson

Exhibit runs through July 15

  • June 6, 2017

Buchanan Partners Art Gallery

Sacred Feminine is a visual exploration of the mystical aspects of love and creation as well as the sublime inner worlds and transcendent power of women. With the intimacy of a journal, and the scope of myth, Naomi Christianson’s works combine intense colors, fractured patterns, and images to communicate to the viewer a pursuit of positivity, the criticality of intuitive knowledge, the celebratory power and strength of the feminine form and being, and a joyful acceptance of the journey life puts in front of her. Asha Elana Casey envisions people of African descent as spiritual vessels, entities, and workers with the use of color, texture, patterns, and proportions, focusing primarily on the woman’s role in these rituals and the different physical and spiritual spaces they occupy. Through large format mixed media works, each artist bridges the sacred and the worldly, the angelic and the everyday, providing a window into the divine nature of the Sacred Feminine.   

Gallery Reception: Thursday, June 15, 2017 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wines by Fabbioli Cellars.

Gallery Receptions are free and open to the public, but an RSVP is required. RSVP to spavia@gmu.edu

Gallery Sponsors: Buchanan Partners Art Gallery; Wegmans  

Free and open to the public

About the Artists:

Naomi Christianson is a Vedic investigator, transcriber of messages from the universe, and purveyor of The Omi Collective. Naomi creates art that reveals her own journey while creating universal truths and bliss out of the raw materials of color, emotion and physical experience. Learn more about Naomi Christianson at theomiexperience.com

Asha Elana Casey (born April 30, 1994) is a contemporary painter, mixed media artist, and educator and is a graduate of the Corcoran School of Art and Design at George Washington University and an Anderson’s Ranch residency recipient. Casey’s work explores themes of godliness, cosmology, self-preservation, and healing and is informed by the people and the spiritual practices of the West African diaspora, eastern and western religious iconography, and contemporary feminist texts. Learn more about Asha Elana Casey at elanacaseystudio.com